Migration of a Workload running in a Corporate Data Center to AWS using the Amazon EC2 and RDS service

abhinav singhal
2 min readFeb 25, 2023


In another project based in a real-world scenario, I acted as the Cloud Specialist responsible for migrating a workload running in a Corporate DataCenter to AWS.
The application and database were migrated to AWS using the Lift & Shift (rehost) model, moving both application and database data.

I followed some migration steps: Planning (sizing, prerequisites, resource naming), Execution (resource provisioning, best practices), Go-live (validation test — Dry-run, final migration — Cutover).

The main step by step execution is around below steps

  1. Create VPC
  2. Create Subnets and associate subnets to the VPC. Also important fact is to remember to not have overlapping ips.
  3. configure Gateway and also the route , so that gateway can provide access to outside world.
  4. Setting up EC2 instances followed by adding them to public subnet.
  5. Setting up RDS and setting into private subnet.
  6. Accessung EC2 instance via SSH using pem key and gitbash. This will allow to access EC2 instance form local machine and install OS and other application on EC2 instance.
  7. Once EC2 instance is being accessed , we need to install all important apps like python, pip , MySQL client etc.
  8. finally we access RDS via public IP from this terminal and upload all data to MySQL db using MySQL client.
  9. Once data is added in tables. We can execute the application from app server after updating the DB host on wikiapp file.

Its a good exercise to get hands dirty on a project where you standup and App which used DB. more details can also be found on aws website.

More detailed steps can also be found in my other article link



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